Sage 100 Contractor Hosting

Secure Remote Working Solutions For Contractors

A Platform For Smooth Integration

Tracking operations of your construction business with Sage 100 Contractor may require integration with several apps and add-ons that help with tasks like cost estimation, project review, CAD and others.

To offer you smooth integration of different software with Sage 100 Contactor on cloud, we bring the flexibility with the cloud server resources. You can customize the hosting resources as per your integration requirements.

High Performance Computing

IT ESC hosts Sage 100 Contractor on high-performance computing servers for a hassle-free and fast experience on the cloud. It enables our hosting solutions to host any number of applications and users without any performance issue.

So, your team can remotely collaborate on the cloud to speed up the work on Sage 100 Contractor along with other performance-demanding tools and large data files (such as – 2D and 3D designs).

Business Continuity Solutions

Hosting Sage construction software with IT ESC gets you a built-in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR & BC) feature. It ensures your business operations that are hosted on the cloud remain available without any disruption.

Even in an incident of damage to hosting server, your data and applications will remain available over another backup server automatically, because we deploy multi-level infrastructure redundancy, off-site backups, and other technologies.

Collaboration On The Go

Hosting Sage 100 Contractor with IT ESC simplifies job site reporting as the contractors can easily collaborate with business partners, team members, and project stakeholders, as well as the workers who are on the construction site.

The entire team can access and work on the same file simultaneously and get real-time updates of the project status and various reports to improve productivity. Not only this, there is no need to share the files back and forth on emails.

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