IT Management

IT Management Services

I.T. Management

IT ESC will manage all technology aspects of your office including interfacing with technology vendors, managing email systems, security systems, Internet, & all other technology systems in your office. We will also provide professional technology advice when you need it.

Scheduled Office Visits

Scheduled office visits are office visits scheduled by the customer and will occur at the customer’s request. During these visits, our technology professionals will perform any and all tasks necessary in order to keep your technical systems in a “healthy” state. These services may include anything from fixing small computer problems to performing I.T. management tasks. Additional hours may be purchased at the discounted “additional hours” rate and may also be rescheduled within the same month in the event of an emergency.

Remote Support

Remote support includes assistance provided to the customer using Remote Desktop Control Software (at the request of the customer, additional requirements apply) and/or the telephone. When the customer has a problem, the customer may contact IT ESC via the support phone number at (855) 822-4655.


We thoroughly clean up and document your computer network so that we can manage and support it efficiently.

Email Incidents

When you have a non-emergency problem or just have some questions, feel free to drop our technology professionals an email. Each incident, regardless of the number of emails will be handled and solved for you in a professional manner.

Knowledge Base Support

All maintenance support comes with a free access to our knowledge support site where most simple problems can be solve by searching our knowledge base which is design to be friendly as possible with photos and step by steps instructions. You will find easy solutions such as how to install your local printer to advance solutions such as how to troubleshoot your windows errors.

Manage & Support

We install our remote support software and take over responsibility for managing your computer infrastructure.

Cloud Email

We offer the most popular Cloud Email platform: Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. This system provides powerful email features, contact management, calendar sharing, mobile device sync and a huge amount of extra features.

VoIP Services

Voice over IP is quickly gaining in popularity with solutions that are cheaper and more flexible than traditional telephone systems. We partner with top tier VoIP providers to give you a modern phone system at a low cost.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups provide an efficient and secure way to store critical data in multiple geographical locations to protect against theft, fire and natural disasters.

Co-managed IT Services

We can complement your existing IT team by providing governance, help desk, system administration, monitoring and project consulting as indecent services.

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